How do I preview my (my children's) photos?
Click on the class. You should receive an email with a password from the school with which you can access the class page. Otherwise, it is also found on the order form.

Do you provide graduation / senior / family portraits?
Yes, please email to schedule a time. Fridays and Sundays are reserved for private shoots like this. We will discuss what you want, put together a mood board so everything is clear, and schedule a shoot.

How do I order?
You should have received an order form from school. If not, click here: 
to download one from Google Drive. Please feel out the order form and return it with cash to the cashier's office at the school. 

Can I pay with PayPal, Venmo, etc?
Yes, you can. To do this please take a photo of the order form and email it to We will respond with the PayPal or Venmo account details needed to make the payment. If you are ordering digitals, as soon as we get your payment we'll send out the digital photos.

How do I access my photo?
Everyone should have received an email with the password to access their individual and group previews. If you have any trouble, feel free to send an email (

Are these final images?
No, these are previews. The final crop will be straightened and centered, without cutting off edges (the images are zoomed slightly for the web preview). Most images will be re-centered and cropped for printing portraits. Printed group photos will include a border with the school logo and class name. Please click on the images to see them is high resolution. These are very low resolution.   

What is the deadline for ordering?
Please return your order by 12 November to ensure delivery of printed photos before winter break. Late orders will be delayed accepted but the delivery may be delayed.

Can I order only "Extras"?
No. You must first select the Basic, Standard, or Digital Package. After you may select any extras you like.

When do I get my photos?
Printed photos will be delivered to the school before winter break. Digital files will be delivered to you as soon as we get your order. You will be able download your files via a link. Please be sure to include a clear email address on your order form.

What happens if I order late?
Late orders will be accepted, but please allow up to two weeks for delivery of printed photos. Digital orders can be delivered immediately. Feel free to let us know ( that you have ordered.

How do I choose the picture I want printed?
Please write on your order form the number of your favorite picture to print. The photos are in chronological order, please indicate #1, #2, #3, or #4, counting from left to right. If you have any doubts feel free to send a screenshot to

Can I choose two or three pictures to be printed?
Yes and No. You can only pick your favorite picture to print as part of the Basic or Standard package. But, if you order extra prints you can indicate other pictures you want printed as the extra. For example, you can choose picture #1 as your favorite to include in the standard package, and picture #3 to print as an extra 13x18 print. Please write clearly on the front or back of the order form your intentions. 

What if I missed picture day?
There will be re-shoots as well as sports and other group photos in early 2022.

Where can I get an order form?
Parents and Students can download one here: 
Please place order and payment in an envelope with your name and grade / homeroom and return it to the school.
Do you have other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!
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