"Picture Day" School Photos
Rican Studio is based in Tunis where have developed our school photography services while working with the American (ACST) and British (BIST) international schools the last 4 years. We are highly professional, providing a stress-free service designed to make school portraits as easy as possible for schools.
Our system save teachers and administrators stress, time, and work. Our ordering, payment, and delivery system is simple, effective, and proven in the market. We work within your school’s Covid 19 policies. We provide school communities with beautiful, consistent, images they’ll treasure for life. Class photos are customized with your school colors and logos. We can provide schools with a database of images to use for IDs, yearbooks, or communications. We can provide images of campuses and events for internal and external communications. Visit our Process page to see the easy and efficient workflow we have when it comes to organizing these services.

Event Reportage
Rican Studio has many years of experience covering a variety of one-off events in a variety of settings. Sports events, graduations, halloween parties, theater and dance recitals. We cover events according to you requests, either producing the content you need for your website and social media or delivering well produced videos and photos to share with students and parents.

Photo Databases and IDs

We can provide a database of all students and staff for your learning management systems, with files organized and named according to your systems requirements. Our partner schools have found this an invaluable service for keeping the student and staff databases up to date with current student photos.
We can also design and print school photo IDs for students and staff.
Content Creation for Schools
Need steady and reliable content for your social media platforms and website? We partner with schools to provide this content on a monthly basis while covering school events, or coming to school to take on-site photos and videos.
It is essential for schools to have an efficient system in place we can take the pressure of content creation off your marketing and communication department allowing them to focus on the work they do best.
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